WanderlandGoddessWanderland Iseum honors the eight seasonal Holy Days with ceremony from 12-2 on the days listed below. These natural turning points in the Earth’s cycle have been celebrated by people of many cultures throughout time. At these junctures, the energy alignment of sun, moon, and earth is particularly powerful.

These seasonal cycles form the basis of myth, ritual, planting customs, and our understanding of birth, growth, death, and renewal. Honoring the continuous cycles of nature brings us into a closer relationship with the living Earth.

For a more detailed description of a Holy Day Ceremony, check our calendar about three weeks prior to the date of the Holy Day.




Saturday, October 31

May you be like the moon; Undone and remade a thousand times; Always returning home to your opening heart.

In the forest, Earth is changing. Waters are singing. Alder leaves drift in the wind and pattern the damp earth. Darkness and cold increase and the green force dies back as the strength of all that is returns to its inner source. We, too, return to our core, listening deeply.

Hallows” means threshing floor, where the wheat was separated from the chaff, where we let go of what is no longer needed for our growth. Something dies. Something new begins. For the Celts, this Holy Day was the Shining Portal of Winter and marked the passage into the New Year.

REFLECTION FOR THIS HOLY DAY What are you shedding at this time? What no longer serves you in your growth? Using the elements of fire or water, name and release what it is you are letting go.


Do not fear change. Change is the mystery at the ore of evolution. We consciously and willingly break open. We break open to love again and again. Moving through forms and layers and levels of loving break us open again and again even as we let go of love again and again. With each passing from of loving we learn to transcend smallness. We learn to cast off too small form of loving as we cast off old skins. All that is lost is a form grown too small.

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