WanderlandGoddessWanderland Iseum honors the eight seasonal Holy Days with ceremony from 12-2 on the days listed below. These natural turning points in the Earth’s cycle have been celebrated by people of many cultures throughout time. At these junctures, the energy alignment of sun, moon, and earth is particularly powerful.

These seasonal cycles form the basis of myth, ritual, planting customs, and our understanding of birth, growth, death, and renewal. Honoring the continuous cycles of nature brings us into a closer relationship with the living Earth.

For a more detailed description of a Holy Day Ceremony, check our calendar about three weeks prior to the date of the Holy Day.




At Wanderland Rainforest Iseum

Monday, October 30, 12:00-2:00

Leaves are falling. Wind and rain sweep Earth clean. The green force dies back, returning to the roots, strengthening. We, too, return to our roots—listening deeply.

Samhain  (pronounced sowen) is the final harvest festival of the year. In some cultures, it is the beginning of the New Year.  It is the day when the “veil” between the worlds is the thinnest, a time to honor and communicate with our loved ones and ancestors.  This Holy Day ceremony, led by Lane deMoll  and Louise Christianson, will focus on the Wheel of the Year, with special emphasis on the time between Samhain and Beltane.

Be prepared to walk in the forest in the rain. Bring a symbol, picture, remembrance, of a special loved one who has died. This will be an important part of the altar. The ceremony starts at noon; come early rather than late. There is no cost, but donations for the maintenance of the forest trails, gardens and Forest House are deeply appreciated.

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