At Wanderland Rainforest Iseum

Monday, September 23, 12-2

In the process of soul making, we can visit our depths over and over, and with each turn of the spiral, gain deeper wisdom and peace.” Hallie Austin

At Autumn Equinox, day and night are once again equal—for a moment balanced— –but we can feel the winds of change as we move into the dark cycle of the year. In the forest, Wind carries the sweet scent of Autumn. Alder leaves drift down, patterned golden against the earth by rain. Darkness comes earlier and stays longer.

In this Holy Day Ceremony, led by gwendolyn Endicott, we will dwell with Gratitude for the gifts the season of growing has brought to us. It is a time for shedding, for going inward to hold and nurture the “seed” of future growth. The animal totem of our journey is Bear who teaches us the wisdom of entering the “cave” of instinctual knowing and introspection .

Our guide will be the ancient Egyptian goddess, Ma’at, who leads us to the understanding that the oldest meaning of Truth is Balance and is called by the name of Earth: ma, maat, matter, mother. In her cycles and systems, Earth teaches us of Balance in change. In Egyptian mythology “seeing” this balance was the basis of wisdom. The mother syllable “ma” meant “to see”; in hieroglyphics it was an eye. Ma’at does not promise that there will be no darkness. She provides the wisdom to “see” while traveling through the darkness. Truth and Kindness are Her compass on this journey.

Ceremony begins at noon. There is no charge, but donations of $10–$20 toward maintenance of the forest sanctuary are greatly appreciated. 

questions: gwendolyn@nehalemtel.net

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Thursday, August 1, 12-2

Wanderland Rainforest Iseum

The Earth Mother is the mysterious power that awakens everything to Life…” (3rd c. Rome)

This mid-summer Holy Day is a celebration of Summer’s fruition, the “first harvest.” At this time, we give gratitude for the Beauty and abundance of Earth. She is the goddess we live with every day. From Her we receive the gift of Life. From Her we understand the magic of Regeneration. In Her we see Beauty, Intelligence, and Design. She is called by many names. Her European names include Urth, Hertha, Eartha, Erda—Earth. She is so present that sometimes we forget and think we don’t need Her, or that She exists simply for us to use.

This Holy Day Ceremony, led by gwendolyn Endicott, will focus on the Sacredness and Beauty of the goddess Hertha, our Earth Mother. There is no charge but donations toward the forest sanctuary are greatly appreciated. For more information on Wanderland Rainforest Iseum see wanderlandrainforest.org Questions: Gwendolyn@nehalemtel.net


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June 21, Friday, 12-2

At Wanderland Rainforest Iseum

Traditionally, the Holy Day of Summer Solstice is a celebration of the fullness of life—the warmth and abundance that the summer sun brings to the land and to our spirits. In this Summer Solstice ceremony, we will go back more than 3,000 years to the stories and myths surrounding Sirius (Sothis), a star that “rose from the underworld”  around the time of the Solstice, and whose radiance and beauty were so great that in Egyptian mythology  it was said to emanate the “Soul of Isis.”

This ceremony, led by Gwendolyn Endicott, is a celebration of Isis, the Mother and Heart of the Universe, and includes a meditation harmonizing our heart beat with the heart beat of the Great Mother. Pam Tillson will accompany the meditation on the drum. We will call on Isis to help us open our hearts in gratitude and to bring fullness and healing to us and to the Earth.

Ceremony begins at noon. There is no charge, but suggested donations of $10-$20 will help in maintenance of the Forest Sanctuary and are greatly appreciated. For more information see our website at wanderlandrainforest.org or contact Gwendolyn@nehalemtel.net


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At Wanderland Rainforest Iseum

Wednesday, May 1, 12-2

Sing, feast, dance, make music and love, all in My presence. For Mine is the ecstasy of Spirit and Mine also is joy on Earth. For my law is Love unto all beings.”   From the Charge o the Goddess

At Beltane we celebrate the joys of being alive! I fantasize flowers, May baskets, garlands, dancing in the sun! It is mid-Spring, after all.  In this coastal rainforest, however, it is still chill and the rains keep coming. The garden is a bog—skunk cabbage pushes up in the beds. Yet, in a moment of sun, the forest glows with psychedelic green—oxalis, trillium, and fern return like old friends. Suddenly it seems that everything is radiant with new leaves.

In the old cultures, people believed that when we give each other love and pleasure, the whole Earth is pleased. Flowers bloom brighter; birds sing more joyously, and the body of Earth is fertile, for Earth is a living being and all her creatures are part of her body. The veil between worlds is thin on Beltane; Nature Spirits come close, waiting for the moment when we are able to see.

What does the power of Love bring alive in you? What growth does it engender?

This ceremony will be led by gwendolyn Endicott. There is no charge . However, suggested donations of $10-$20 toward the maintenance of the rainforest sanctuary are greatly appreciated.  Questions: call gwendolyn 503-368-6389 or gwendolyn@nehalemtel.net


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Wednesday, March 20, 12-2

At Wanderland Rainforest Iseum

“May the Beauty I love become what I do.”

We stand at the Gateway of Spring; Dark and Light are momentarily balanced.  After Spring Equinox, every day is brighter than the one before as Earth blossoms into Spring.  At Wanderland, skunk cabbage pushes up through the bogs like golden ears—opening to the song of the early morning birds.  The plants on the forest floor awaken.  It is a time of rapid growth and change.  What is unfurling in you?  What are you dreaming into form?  How do you find balance in change?

The Greeks named the Star Goddess– Astraea. She is the Essence of Beauty and Balance. In Her right hand, She holds the Scales of Truth and Justice; in Her left, She holds the sword that cuts through ignorance.  But the people forgot Her;  they could no longer see Her.  And so, the story goes, She left the Earth.

In this Holy Day Ceremony, led by Gwendolyn Endicott, we will focus on the ancient meanings of Balance and Beauty and how they form a foundation for envisioning the new growth of the future.   The Ceremony will contain myth, story, and ritual.

There is no charge but suggested donations of $10-20 toward the maintenance of the forest sanctuary are welcome. The ceremony starts at noon.  Please do not come late.  Questions: contact Gwendolyn@nehalemtel.net or 503-368-6389. For more information on Wanderland Sanctuary and Iseum, go to our website: wanderlandrainforest.org

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