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ON THE EDGE Early morning on the beach the ocean has made delicate patterns in the sand and carved pits and mounds, and sweeping valleys . Across it all is imprinted a landscape of foot prints large and small— a … Continue reading

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SCROLLING I scroll the news but cannot bear to hear one more story of tragedy or Fear Forests aflame; people in pain It all comes roaring in. I walk slowly into the day Breathing the sound of trees moving in … Continue reading

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SKY BIRD This morning a giant bird spanned the sky. White clouds became feathers rippling tail tips touching ocean body winging toward the East where the sun cast gold across the dunes. In the town the sleepers do not know … Continue reading

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(In memory of my Collie friend , Tara) I am sitting in the garden surrounded by blue forget me nots  The dark shadow of a hawk passes over curved beak silhouetted  against the sky Bird conversations  loud in the forest … Continue reading

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HE SPIRITS OF THE FOREST WISH YOU A JOYOUS BELTANE At this tie in the seasonal wheel, the energy is rising. Earth blossoms. We celebrate our joy in being alive. In the old cultures, people believed that when we give … Continue reading

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