Book Reviews


“This book carries on where Joseph Campbell left off, showing us how to create and develop a personal relationship with myths and symbols, both ancient and new.”
The Beltane Papers

“For anyone who is in the process of or would like to explore their own personal mythology, this is a delightful companion.”
Dream Network

“Amazing, beautiful, compelling, deep, excellent, fascinating, great, honest, inspiring, juicy, keen, lovely, mythic, noteworthy, original, powerful, quirky, revelatory, splendid, timeless, unmatched, vibrant, wondrous…well, you get the idea, and I don’t know any adjectives that begin with ‘x’. The Spinning Wheel is a practical guide to making your own myths, It is a workbook of story-spinning, and an introduction to understanding the symbols that make up your life.”
The Red Queen

“This is a ‘how to’ book. I never read them, preferring to find out on my own. However, I found myself drawn to this book, as the author also finds out on her own, and shares it with us. As she says, ‘This is a teaching book that grows from almost 40 years of experience.” Rarely have I come across someone who shares her personal stories with such a sense of process, of truly working through what she talks about. The result is, I trust her Truth, and I too, can learn from her experience.”
Crone Chronicles

“Gwendolyn Endicott’s book The Spinning Wheel jumped off the shelf into my hands years ago. Working with myth, storytelling, art and the path of the hero for the last 20 years, The Spinning Wheel parallels my philosophy, my programs and many of the aspects of my work. I have used it as a reference all these years and it never fails to inspire me and offer a new perspective of exploring our myth making selves. Thanks Gwendolyn for sharing your mythic life with the world.”
Carol Freya Soth, Co-founder of The Mythic Road and The Brave Life Initiative

“The exercises that Endicott offers include writing, drawing, coloring abstract shapes and dialogues… . but most of all, thinking, and that is the true beauty of this marvelous book—it shows the reader how to think, remember, and understand who we are and what we can be. “
Metaphysical Reviews


“I am very excited about this book. It is so refreshing to revisit the traditional stories presented with relevant hands on, modern day interpretations. Crone Trekking takes the stories out of the dusty, old, anthropological archives and makes them come alive once more. Weaving her personal discoveries into the fabric of this spiritual ‘workbook’, Endicott provides imaginative and practical activities that guide the reader on their own journey.”
Judy Bluehorse Skelton, Native American Educator

“That Gwendolyn Endicott tells marvelous stories is well known n our Nehalem Bay community… .It is rare that such a story teller can also take her spoken tales so elegantly into the written word and have them remain true on the page. Indeed, I can hear her in my head as I read. What’s more, in the writing, she is able to go several steps deeper to explicitly use the power of the old stories to heal herself and her community. In it she conveys her love and pain for the Oregon forests, the animals, and rivers, its people, and it spirit. She also gifts us with her personal tale—her growth as a crone and wise woman elder. A beautiful impassioned book: a weaving worthy of Spider Woman, herself.”
Lane deMoll, Artist, writer, and Green Witch

“In her quietly persistent way, Endicott pulls us into her world from the first paragraph, and we are spellbound as we absorb the depth and breadth of her message, not even realizing what is happening until we come to the end, changed somehow, and glad. I guess it’s called Coyote Land for a reason.”
Lola Sorenson, artist