At Wanderland Rainforest Iseum

Monday, September 23, 12-2

In the process of soul making, we can visit our depths over and over, and with each turn of the spiral, gain deeper wisdom and peace.” Hallie Austin

At Autumn Equinox, day and night are once again equal—for a moment balanced— –but we can feel the winds of change as we move into the dark cycle of the year. In the forest, Wind carries the sweet scent of Autumn. Alder leaves drift down, patterned golden against the earth by rain. Darkness comes earlier and stays longer.

In this Holy Day Ceremony, led by gwendolyn Endicott, we will dwell with Gratitude for the gifts the season of growing has brought to us. It is a time for shedding, for going inward to hold and nurture the “seed” of future growth. The animal totem of our journey is Bear who teaches us the wisdom of entering the “cave” of instinctual knowing and introspection .

Our guide will be the ancient Egyptian goddess, Ma’at, who leads us to the understanding that the oldest meaning of Truth is Balance and is called by the name of Earth: ma, maat, matter, mother. In her cycles and systems, Earth teaches us of Balance in change. In Egyptian mythology “seeing” this balance was the basis of wisdom. The mother syllable “ma” meant “to see”; in hieroglyphics it was an eye. Ma’at does not promise that there will be no darkness. She provides the wisdom to “see” while traveling through the darkness. Truth and Kindness are Her compass on this journey.

Ceremony begins at noon. There is no charge, but donations of $10–$20 toward maintenance of the forest sanctuary are greatly appreciated. 

questions: gwendolyn@nehalemtel.net

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