from Wanderland Rainforest Sanctuary and Iseum

The Earth Mother is the mysterious power that awakens everything to Life…” (3rd c. Rome)

This mid-summer Holy Day is a celebration of Summer’s fruition, the “first harvest.” At this time, we give gratitude for the Beauty and abundance of Earth. She is the goddess we live with every day. From Her we receive the gift of Life. From Her we understand the magic of Regeneration. In Her we see Beauty, Intelligence, and Design. She is called by many names. Her European names include Urth, Hertha, Eartha, Erda—Earth. She is so present that sometimes we forget and think we don’t need Her, or that She exists simply for us to use.

On this Holy Day take time to walk gently on the Earth–become aware of Her, breathe in Her Beauty and abundance, Breathe out your Gratitude and Love. Practice this awareness throughout the day. May you walk in Beauty.

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