Have you noticed the number of angels about the last few days? They look like ordinary people—muddy boots, soaked raincoats, drenched windblown hair. And they appear in unexpected places.  Yesterday, I was driven from the darkness of the forest by a thunder shower right over head in what seemed like eternal night.  It was 9 oclock in the morning, high tide at 11.  I will go as far as I can before the flood waters turn us back, I decided, as the dogs and I piled into the car and headed down  Anderson road.  A sense of liberation filled me as I avoided all the puddles and lakes.  Within 20 minutes I was at the State Park, walking  through water on the trail, while the dogs, gone crazy over a coyote, leaped and twirled on their leashes, yanking me along like a twig in the wind.  More exhausted than exhilarated, I picked up supplies at Manzanita Fresh Foods and glanced at the clock. High tide. This could be a problem.

Nehalem, of course, was still deep under water. But unfortunately the North Fork Lakes had also re-appeared. Who would believe how fast this happened?  During the next four hours, I tried three times to get through; each time, I surrendered and ended up walking the dogs in unlikely nearby places.  By 3:00 I was really wanting to be home.  As I once again approached the major lake, I saw a black hunk of a pickup barreling through the waters.  I stopped and watched as it came to the edge of the water then turned around to head back. I was to follow.  I can to do this, I thought, as I drove my Subaru into the lake, becoming the tail of the Black Hulk as it parted the waters ahead of me.  We made it through. I honked and waved– and I watched as the pickup turned and headed back through the lake to help another car through. This was the way this person had chosen to spend his afternoon.

Beyond a doubt an angel, I thought. And that got me thinking about how many angels there are around here. They come out most noticeably in a crisis, but they are here all the time.  People doing small acts of loving kindness, just because they can—and they care.  When I meet them, I am not only helped, but lightened in spirit.

And then, I was amused by the thought, THIS is the true meaning of the word ISIS–the Greek name of an ancient goddess009 (called by the Egyptians “AuSet”)– a name totally misused right now  to represent violence. To walk in the way of Isis is to choose the attitude of Loving Kindness for She is described as “Blinding in Beauty and Loving beyond all Human Understanding.” And She, you notice, grows stronger in times of crisis.

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  1. Ann says:

    Saw a couple of your posts on Upper Left Edge, but because I’m not a word presser, I couldn’t comment. Just wanted to touch bases with you and let you know I enjoyed them.

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