002A new printing of Tales of Wanderland, a phenology of very local lore. This chronicle of plants and animals through the seasons has been out of print for several years. It is now available through Cloud and Leaf bookstore in Manzanita and from the author. As we head into 2016, you will find new journal entries from this rainforest and the river valley where I live on both our website ( and occasionally, excerpts on Facebook.

In a rapidly changing landscape, journaling a record is important to preserve the memory of what is here, but even more important is to value it before it is gone. I began this journaling with the intent to value. To me, this meant taking plants and animals out of the one dimensional reality of identification. I asked myself what are the unique gifts of the plant or animal? This place? What are the stories that characterize it? I have also included my own stories, for this writing is most of all the story of a deepening relationship with a place. It is a wealth beyond measure to know a place through its cycles and stories, through its seasons—winter, spring, summer, and fall.

“When we learn to love the living creatures of the earth, when we listen to the voices of the trees, the flowers, and the birds, when we recognize that all around us a great conversation is taking place, if we have ears to hear, then the world becomes again a place of magic.” Starhawk


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  1. Mary Lou Emerson says:

    I love dwelling in the beauty of the forest presented and channeled through Gwendolyn. Thanks, Mary Lou

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