Thursday, March 19, 12-2

At Wanderland Rainforest Iseum

May the Beauty I love become what I do.”

We stand at the Gateway of Spring; Dark and Light are momentarily balanced. After Spring Equinox, every day is brighter than the one before as Earth blossoms into Spring. At Wanderland, skunk cabbage pushes up through the bogs like golden ears—opening to the song of the early morning birds. The plants on the forest floor awaken. It is a time of rapid growth and change. What is unfurling in you? What are you dreaming into form? How do you find balance in change?

For the teaching on this day, we will dwell with the Creation Goddess of the Huichol Indians of Mexico—“Grandmother Growth.” She dreams form into Being from her Heart. Her teaching is that you are a Sacred Being here for a purpose—to find your Heart Path and to walk it all the days of your life.

In this Holy Day Ceremony, led by Gwendolyn Endicott, we will explore the meanings of Balance and Beauty and how they form a foundation for envisioning new growth and shaping the future. The Ceremony will contain myth, story, and ritual.

There is no charge but suggested donations of $10-20 toward the maintenance of the forest sanctuary are welcome. The ceremony starts at noon. Please do not come late. Questions: contact gwendolyn@nehalemtel.net or 503-368-6389. For more information on Wanderland Sanctuary and Iseum, go to our website: wanderlandrainforest.org

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