If you listen deeply, you may hear the Quickening– for this is the time when darkness begins to recede and new life stirs within the Earth. As the light grows, so does the stirring within —who, what, and how will you become? What shadows need illumination ? What desire needs a bit more light to be seen clearly? What quality has dimmed and needs brightening? Now is the time to shed the Dark, and renew your inner flame.

In Celtic Lore, the Fire Goddess, Brigid, is honored at this time. It is at her sacred well that you purify your heart and let go of the darkness that weighs upon you. It is her Holy Flame that ignites the spark within you and gives rise to your creativity.

On this day as Earth begins to awaken, we join an ancient tradition: as we Bless the Earth with Fertility and Life, we call on the Light to illuminate our own unique creativity and growth. There is much Darkness to shed. But as Amanda Gorman so eloquently says: “The new dawn balloons as we see it; for there is always light if only we are brave enough to SEE it; if only we are brave enough to BE it.”

RITUAL FORMING A PRAYER: On your alter, place a bowl of pure water, and light a candle as Brigid’s Holy Flame: “Brigid, goddess immortal, most blessed, I light this candle in fiery offering to you.” Smudge and purify yourself. Take two small sticks and weave them together in a cross. As you weave, think of the four points of the cross as the Elementals—Earth, Air, Fire, Water. In their movement and mixing they create Life. As you weave the sticks together, see the center as your growing self. Allow a prayer to emerge. Here is my prayer: “Let my Heart be pure; let me grow towards the Light.”

Closing: Most Blessed Brigid, Living Light, Bright Arrow, Sudden Blaze, Goddess of the sun and of the Eternal fire, I guard your Flame.”

Hang your prayer in a sacred place. (If you like, see the internet for instructions on how to make a traditional “Brigid’s Cross”)


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