A visitor came

Wearing a dark cloak.

He wrapped it tightly around himself

and spoke of what he saw–

All things gone wrong

disease and death and war.


Try it on,” he said

as he went out the door.

I did not want the darkness

I struggled with its weight,

but found he had left it anyway.

The heaviness fell around me.

I tried and tried to take it off

But it was only when I asked my Heart

What can I do to find you again?”

That the answer came.


Give me the Beauty that you see.

Let me hold it for you.”


Then I began to remember–

rain turned to rainbows by the sun,

new leaves shining in the morning light,

dogs running joyously on the beach,

people laughing and waving,

from a distance, echoes of love.


My Heart grew larger and began to shine.

I will weave a cloak from moments of Beauty

sewn with the golden thread of sun

and the silver thread of moon.

I will wear it lightly

so it flows around me

with the changing winds.


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