The forest has turned a psychedelic green– the closest I can come in naming it is Chartreuse, but it glows so it almost looks gold.   For a moment I think there is something wrong with my eyes. But no, it is the forest coming back to life.  Along the trail, a hill of trilliums pushes through the moss. Today they have opened.  They are the sacred Lily of this forest, glowing white, tri-petaled, beloved of the goddess.

Today, as the forest glows around me, I know that Kore, the World Soul, has once more returned, and we are in a new Season of growth. I am grateful to see another Spring.  My heart gladdens as old friends reappear: skunk cabbage, colts foot, oxalis, huckleberry, trillium…A miracle of rebirth everywhere, a forest coming alive again after a winter down under.

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