what ARE they saying?


What ARE they saying?

As I pull the car into a parking place at the State Park, I glance in the rear view mirror and see a deer standing by the road, still as a statue. She is a little bit ragged as if she has seen some years of experience.  I wait. She doesn’t move.  Finally, I get the dogs out of the car and manage to maneuver them down the path away from her.  Thirty minutes later, back from our walk, I see she is still there.  Is this even possible? I wonder, that she has stood in that same pose in that same place for thirty minutes? For a moment, I have the irrational thought that she is a statue, not a live deer at all. But I watch her as we pull out, and she suddenly runs gracefully across the street into the area where we had been.  For days, she inhabits my mind—her stillness, her watchfulness.  I puzzle over her. This morning in my meditation, she tells me: “Don’t do anything–just be there. Be aware of what surrounds you.  Inherent in stillness is ability to respond.”

The animals continue to appear as if on purpose. A few days ago an eagle flew about twenty feet above and ahead of my car as I traveled down North Fork rd. I tried not to think of myself as prey, but rather as being guided by a magnificent force.  This morning, it was a white dove, flying in front of me on the same stretch of road.  Made me smile, it was so beautiful.  At the park, I watch a man in conversation with a crow, perched a few feet from him. Crow spoke. Man spoke. Crow spoke. Man spoke. Between them, they found a language of mutual understanding, which ended with a bread crumb.  Evening in the forest, Bard owls call back and forth across the garden, talking a language I can almost understand, dark shadows flying tree to tree.  I stand here, listening.

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