“Faith sees most clearly in the Dark”

In the darkness a storm roars through the forest– trees dancing, bend with the wind. We approach the Winter Solstice, the darkest time of the year. But this year, no alter is lit for a circle ceremony. The Heavens, however, will be lit by a “star”–a rare conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, which some say may have been the star that guided the way to Bethlehem so long ago. May it once again signal a new birth—a birth of Hope.

The Winter Solstice is called “the Turning”; from this night on, the sun returns—longer each day—and begins the gradual awakening of new life. The Earth’s cycles and the oldest Wisdom teaches that Light is born from the deepest Dark. It has been a difficult year—in so many ways a year of darkness. In the small community where I live, this difficulty was transformed into many acts of kindness, into many creative projects to help each other. And there is Hope on the horizon.

I was moved to tears yesterday by a recorded conversation between our newly elected President and a young activist dying from ALS. It was December 18, the day that split the President’s heart open to profound grief and the young activist’s birthday as well. “Faith sees most clearly in the Dark,” the President said, quoting Kierkegaard, but speaking the heart felt Truth of his own experience. The young man spoke of how his purpose and his voice had become clearer as his body was dying.

Ancient Wisdom teaches that walking in the light which emanates from darkness is the key to healing. This is a childlike place. Receiving– and open to experience. There is love at the heart of every moment, Faith is the belief that all will transpire as it must as the cosmos unfolds. We walk in Gratitude for the Beauty that surrounds us.

From darkness comes the light

Out of our blindness, sight

Let shadows now take flight!

Now at the holy hour

The word of power is spoken,

And night is broken.

The year shall cycle round,

The cold earth be unbound,

All that was lost be found!

Now at the holy hour

The word of power is spoken

The ice is broken.

When loss is turned to gain

By joy transforming pain,

Shall sorrow strive in vain!

Now at the holy hour

The word of power is spoken

And death is broken.

The blessed tidings bring

From winter cometh spring,

This is the truth we sing!

Now at the holy hour

The word of power is spoken

And fear is broken.

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  1. Pamela Tillson says:

    I thank you for your words of love, support and encouragement to all of us seeking our own truth in the darkest hours. You inspire me to go/look deeper. With gratitude dear friend and mentor. Love you beyond words, Pam

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