“From the Darkness comes the Light”

It is two o’clock in the afternoon and dark as I write this. Rain is pounding on the roof, the gutters overflowing in waterfalls. Then the sky brightens and I think—maybe a walk after all. That is when the wind picks up and the trees begin to dance. And I surrender, knowing I am not in charge here. I am still hoping, however, to make a journey to the spring behind the house where for years we have done circle ritual in honor of the Seasonal Turnings. There I will light a candle and say my prayers –“May these waters that rise pure from the heart of the Earth purify me as I walk through the Darkness. May they give me Hope.” I have decided, this year, to name the spring “Hope Springs.” This is the second year that a gathering will not celebrate the Winter Solstice in this place. And so my prayer will also be—“May we come through this into a time when we can dance, sing, and celebrate together once more.”

This is the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year, a Gateway from Darkness to Light. At this time,we celebrate the “birth of the sun,” as the earth’s tilt shifts and the days begin to lengthen once more.

Ancient Wisdom teaches that walking in the light which emanates from darkness is the key to healing. And so we decorate our houses with lights and we light candles. But most of all, we cultivate the light within us. We gather moments of Beauty and let them shine. On an early morning walk at the beach a few days ago, I was driven up the dunes by a wild ocean. To the North surrounding Neahkahnie, the sky was black, but to the South, blue sky and white clouds A rainbow arched across the sky from Dark to Light. It was so astonishingly beautiful, I just stopped and laughed. Even my husky caught the joy, leaping and racing up and down the dunes. We gather Beauty in the moment.

As I walk through my days in this community, I am continually warmed by the kindness that surrounds me. Although the smiles are usually hidden by masks, thoughtfulness, small (and large) acts of kindness surround me. I feel Blessed. On this Holy Day, hold the Beauty, spread the Kindness, and light a candle to Hope.

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  1. Katy Himes says:

    I’m weeping with gratefulness.

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